Carrington Couture Co. is a Family-Owned, Unique Children's Boutique located in the Heart of Nacogdoches, Texas. We offer a large variety of baby and children's clothing from a large selection of popular name brands. Here are just a few brand names we carry at Carrington's:

                    - Mim-Pi                 - Haute Baby          - Biscotti                   - 3 Martha's                      

                    - Le-Top                  - Meg Dana             - Gund                        - Mooshu

                   - Ralph Lauren    - Baby Nay              - Jack & Lilly           - Kate Mack 

                  - Feltman Bros.    - Zucchini                - Anita G                     - Willy & Wolly

                  - Cach Cach           - Mud Pie                 - Charm It                  - Baby Lulu

                 - Misteevus            - Kissy Kissy           - Elegant Baby          - Mollie & Millie

                 - The Bailey Boys                - Bearington Collection            - Peaches N' Cream

In addition to the large selection of clothing, Carrington's also has furniture, bedding, and other unique accessories for all Moms and Babies to choose from.


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